LG Styler hope to change consumers’ perceptions of clothes maintenance

You are what you wear as much as you are what you eat. For many years now, the empowering of women has gained momentum and the change is being realized around the world.

In many countries around the world, women are forming part of the largest work force, not as casual workers but as professionals equipped with skills and making of critical decisions.

Research shows that in almost every workspace, women are usually the smartly dressed. Am not saying men are not but women, you will agree with me that are spectacular. In terms of impressing, they are number one. In fact, almost all women around the world have one thing in common – dressing smartly to impress. Although, at the time of dressing, especially for most working class women, the end goal is not often to impress what always comes out is just that. Amazing. Right?

Research has shown that people who wear formal attire to work think more creatively and holistically, perform better in tasks, improve the way one handles criticism and enhances negotiation skills, all-important skills toward a successful career or future as an entrepreneur.

Dressing formally and smart boosts your confidence. It automatically puts on top of the game. However, what do you do when you have a lot of work and want to rush to the dry cleaners to pick your best dress for the following day? As a woman, you need the best.

It is for this reason that LG developed the LG’s Styler a consumer-targeted waterless “garment care system”, that is an ideal addition to any successful career that.

“We want our consumers, women in particular, to note that they can eliminate the laborious process involving repeatedly ironing shirts and creasing pants, all of these tasks can now be accomplished at the touch of a button. Women can now have more time to enjoy after work while still looking their best each morning. By expanding clothing care options for busy professionals, the LG Styler is well on its way to becoming a household necessity. ,” says LG Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Maureen Kemunto.

The LG Styler combines convenience with performance eliminating expensive trips to the dry cleaners by ensuring  your wardrobe care is always taken care of which will always leave you with  confidence and the feeling of success.

Using the its steam cleaning LG’s TrueSteam™ technology, the Styler eliminates over 99.9 percent of the germs, leaving clothes fresh and clean for crisp, sharp looking smart wear without the use of water LG Styler’s elegant designs ensure a perfect fit with the décor of any room and is the appliance every woman deserves.

Want to continue rocking the world as a queen? LG Styler is your solution.

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