LG hands your outfit a lifeline

Mark Twain famously claimed ‘clothes maketh a man’ and true to his word naked people have little or no influence on society. Though sensational at the time, time and research have indeed proved that this is most often the case. People are addressed according to how they are dressed. That is why so much importance is placed on physical appearance.  Tom Ford further cemented this line of thought when he said dressing well was a sign of good manners. 

With the increasingly competitive nature of the work force, it is important to employ all tactics to grow and advance in your career. In Psychology of Dressing Well, Tyler Tervoveen says the clothes a person wears change what people hear s/he say. A person might have all the right points, but the message gets distorted because of the disconnect between the appearance of the messenger and the message. This has never been truer for women in the work place.

Though there is some progress being made towards gender parity with more women making up the overall work force, some female stereotypes still exist. Granted, there has been breaking of some female stereotypes and governments have embraced the idea of women leadership in big and small companies. We now live in a world where successful businesswomen and leaders of countries are not hard to come by, proving that women can not only hold responsible positions but also excel in them. But have you ever wondered what all these successful women have in common?

They all dress well.

Dressing well should not be confused with dressing expensively.  Do not underestimate the power of a simple, well pressed, neat look. Research shows that people who wear formal attire to work think more creatively and holistically, perform better in tasks, improve the way one handles criticism and enhances negotiation skills- all of which are important skills for a successful career or entrepreneurship. However, further research has also shown that those in the creative industry express their art in all aspects of their lives – dressing included. When an artist is given free reign, the creation of their art then soars. 

Therefore it is not so much as what one wears that matters, but how one wears it.  Looking presentable need not be a complex affair. Wardrobe care has been made simple thanks to smart technology. Now that we have established wardrobe care affects a woman’s career path, it is important to note that it need not be a complex affair thanks to technology simplifying the everyday mundane tasks. LG’s Styler is the ideal addition to a successful career.  Not only does investing in a styler help you make great strides in your work or business, it saves you a ton of money.  With the styler, a lot of expensive trips to the drycleaners are minimized. Additionally, the steam cleaning feature found in the styler ensures that the wardrobe is clean and fresh at all times. LG’s TrueSteam technology eliminates germs in the clothes, and leaves them crisp, sharp looking ready to wear without the use of water.

“Our LG Styler with LG TrueSteam™ technology utilizes Heat Pump Drying similar to an iron box resulting in crisp crease-free clothes. With its moving hangers, it shake out wrinkles and unpleasant odors while the Gentle Dry cycle removes moisture quickly and thoroughly,” says LG East Africa Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager Maureen Kemunto.

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