PS Ladies: Let LG transform your time in the kitchen

Dear ladies,

What do you love about your house? Apart from the wardrobe, of course, is it the kitchen? Most ladies, while moving into a new house, will consider three things; the kitchen, the wardrobe and the bathroom.

In fact, there is a little saying that a “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and there is no better way through that stomach than through a smart kitchen. Smart people love smart kitchens. Imagine having a kitchen that is ‘intelligent’ with high tech appliances that make use of smart technology to make cooking a hustle-free task.

Cooking has to be easy, quick and comfortable. You should not get tired from cooking. You should not waste a lot of time cooking either. Cooking should not be an exercise like that at the gym. It should be fun. Let us call it a hobby.

After cooking, ladies find it an uphill task to wash and clean the dishes. In fact, a majority of them will prefer hiring someone to do it for them. It is always a tough balance getting convenience with performance. But if you are someone who wants to make both your cooking and cleaning fun, then you need an Easy Clean feature in LG’s combination wall oven that removes any food residue that might have splattered on the interior.

LG’s built-in appliances offer you a wider range of styles to choose from combining the latest kitchen appliance technologies with sophisticated styling, allowing these premium appliances to seamlessly blend in with kitchen interiors while achieving maximum space efficiency.

According to LG Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Maureen Kemunto, the company is investing in creating smart kitchens where families can enjoy the optimal culinary experience.

That is not all you also need the LG SteamClean™ dishwasher that is equipped with one-of-a kind TrueSteam™ technology. This product delivers a host of unique performance-enhancing technologies to give customers a completely new way to wash dishes. Using its steam cleaning technology, it sprays the contents with steam at the end of the cycle. As a result, the LG dishwasher reduces undesirable water spots – one of the most frequently mentioned complaints among owners – by 40 percent.

In this era of connected devices, your kitchen should be somewhere you will love to be and have fun doing anything within it and LG is here to make it happen.

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