LG’s newest G8ThinQ has been recognized by VCX1 for exceptional camera performance, scoring highest among all smartphones in the German non-profit organization’s respected testing methodology. The full list of tested smartphon models can be seen at https://vcx-forum.org/score.

With a score of 77 out of a possible 100, LG G8ThinQ ranked first as of March 26, 2019 among the industry’s newest smartphones, proving to be especially strong in delivering high image quality in less than ideal lighting conditions with high marks in terms of contrast, color and detail. In addition to image quality, VCX tested auto focusing speed, shooting speed, image stabilization, color and noise, and found the LG G8ThinQ to be a high performer in all these areas.

LG G8ThinQ comes equipped with multiple cameras for maximum consumer usability, including Z Camera for precise control of background blurring effects up to 256 levels, resulting in shots with a sense of depth that conventional camera technology cannot deliver. Additionally, the front-facing standard lens features a 1.22μm image sensor that is approximately 10 percent larger than in LG V40ThinQ, allowing LG G8ThinQ to produce noticeably clearer pictures.

LG’s smartphone also offers Video Depth Control, which ensures typically hard-to-film subjects, such as kids and pets, remain in-focus. By analyzing distance and depth, this new feature lets users capture exactly what they see with their own eyes. Along with a vastly improved camera experience, LG G8ThinQ offers flawless aesthetics, including a zero-protrusion rear camera that helps to create a satisfyingly smooth surface.

“VCX’s assessment reflects the intense focus and effort we put into giving consumers the tools to take next-level photos and videos,” said Morris Lee, senior vice president and business unit leader for LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “But numbers and scores are not as important as what users say, and we’re certain customers will enjoy the unique design and strong camera performance of LG G8ThinQ.”

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