Minet, KPSA sign medical insurance deal for students in private schools

Minet Kenya Consulting has signed a deal with the Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) to launch a medical insurance scheme targeting students in private schools.

Kenya Private School Association National Chairperson Mutheu Kasanga (left), Kenya Private School Association Secretary General Charles Ochome (centre) and Minet Kenya Chief Executive Officer Sammy Muthui, hold the documents after signing to mark the launch of a medical insurance scheme targeting students in private schools. Minet Consulting will administer the scheme.

Speaking at the launch of the scheme during the Association’s Annual General Meeting in Mombasa, the Kenya Private School Association National Chairperson Mutheu Kasanga said thelaunch of the scheme was informed by the desire to protect the children who form part of the indigent members of the society and also give students in private schools a “peace of mind while performing their duties.”

“In April 2018, the Ministry of Education in conjunction with NHIF launched a medical cover for students in public secondary schools in line with the Big 4 Agenda’s Health Pillar. The partnership we’ve signed today with Minet and NHIF will offer students in private schools’ similar access to medical cover enjoyed by their counterparts in the public school,” Ms. Kasanga said.

National Hospital Insurance Fund will provide comprehensive medical cover to all registered children under the scheme, which will be administered by Minet, a market leader in the management of large and complex medical schemes.

Speaking at the launch, Minet Kenya Chief Executive Officer Sammy Muthui said the firm’s business philosophy is based on its intimate understanding of all healthcare financing models- from private health insurance, to social health insurance, to self insurance, to capitation.

“We will employ our experience and successes in fraud management, pricing and cost controls, mass market medical insurance solutions, risk management, and our experience and success in management of large and complex medical schemes to ensure this one succeeds,” Mr. Muthui said.

Mr. Muthui added that Minet firmly believe in Universal Healthcare (UHC), adding that this can only be achieved under a collaborative Public Private Partnership (PPP) structure with NHIF.

The Scheme will cover management of medical emergencies that could arise in and out of school including trauma, asthma attacks, hypertensive crises, diabetic crises, severe allergic reactions, severe food poisoning etc. It will also cover management of routine medical conditions that occur frequently, are not life threatening but need prompt management.

It will also cover management of chronic ailments including depression, anxiety, and other mood and emotional disorders that affect their day to day function and these need to be comprehensively managed and also offer in and out patient treatments as the need requires. Central to this treatment will be the possibility of evacuation and transfer both locally and internationally should the need arise.

The scheme also offer group accident cover to each child in private schools on loss of life whether through accidental or natural causes up to a limit of KShs.250, 000; accidental total & permanent disability cover of up to KShs.100, 000; medical expenses as a result of an accident up to KShs.20, 000; artificial appliances up to KShs. 20, 000, accidental dental treatment up to Kshs.20, 000 among other benefits .

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