Businesses should utilize social media more in amplifying their corporate social responsibility

The coming of social media has revolutionized the world. Social media is the true revelation of making the world a global village. Messages sent via social media can cover the whole world within minutes while that sent via the mainstream media is still putting on its pants.

Social media tools are powerful mechanisms in influencing individuals, groups, and businesses. Although some businesses are still reluctant taking up social media tools as channels to amplify their products and services, those that have adopted have every reason to smile.

Social media for business carried both negative and positive impact. Social media can turn tragic to a business if not well used. In the present world, the easiest wait to tarnish the reputation of a business or a brand is by taking to social media and rant some few negative things.

A brand can also destroy its reputation via social media by failing to have professionals handle their social media accounts and by lacking a communication strategy as far as social media information channeling is concerned.

None the less, social media is a powerful tool in turning brands around through the putting up messages and information about their corporate social responsibility, products, and services. Social media is a great tool that supports businesses in many ways.

Initially, for a company to be considered to be having a corporate social responsibility, all it had to do was to donate some money towards a charitable event. A simple donation could land business to the front pages of the dailies but things have since changed.

Nowadays, a company can donate but still fail to be noticed. A company that donates and fails to be noticed is like that man who tries so hard to smile to a beautiful lady in total darkness and expect her to notice. Thanks to social media, genuine corporate social responsibility activities can be noticed.

“So does this mean utilizing corporate social responsibility to generate coverage is no longer an option? Not at all. Social media is the perfect venue to talk about your organization’s good deeds. But there’s a caveat… it should be creative,” says LG East Africa Managing Director, Janghoon Chung.

In business, communication is key. As a business, every time you have corporate social responsibility activity such as sponsorship, do not be shy to ‘shout’ about it across social media. Do it will the energy you and let people know about you. Send the message out. Tell people about what you have done for them. Once the conversation ‘catches fire’, bring in your products and services. See? This is called killed two birds with a single stone.

Social sites like Twitter and Facebook create a much-needed dialogue that encourages real-time responses and feedback so a company can know if its meeting targets right then and there. Does social media sites have an impact on the business? Yes. They have. Make use of them.

“Doing good alone isn’t enough anymore, it needs to be communicated in a way that reaches an audience effectively, and these online platforms allow one to express their activities via text, pictures, multimedia and so on, for more attention-grabbing announcements and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY activities can for a part of the strategy. Company’s labor and moral practices of past and present” added Mr. Chung.

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