Having a feel of a smart home

Both today’s and tomorrow’s homes are becoming smarter and more personal to both within and without. People and investors are striving to make homes more integrated with the latest technology making them “closer” to those who reside in them.

Making a home smart starts with having smart appliances such as television, fridge, washing machines, dishwashers among other enhanced tools.

Currently, the viewing experience for most homes has changed. It is no longer about having “just a TV” but having a TV that one can relate to on a “personal level.” Have you heard about televisions that have been integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is sometimes called machine intelligence. According to Wikipedia, this is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

Electronic companies are now striving to include Artificial Intelligence in most of their gadgets with the latest being LG Electronics with their new LG OLED TV that use AI which the company calls ThinQ.

LG OLED TV series is a great step in making homes smart. The TVs are created in such a manner that they give viewers a personal interaction. For instance, they can be able to tell voices through voice recognition, they can be linked to other smart devices within the home and operate them on your behalf to make what is called, ‘smart home hub.’

The ThinQ was developed in 2017 with the establishment of LG’s Artificial Intelligence Lab in Korea to facilitate and accelerate research into AI.

It is only through smart homes that countries such as Kenya will be able to embrace and achieve the smart city kind of life. Within a smart city, everything seems to follow a certain pattern, there is a deliberate order in the way of life that emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability.

LG has an LG TwinWash machine that allows one to wash two loads at the same time. This machine comes with a ThinQ technology and installed with smart features, capable of interacting with the user.

LG TwinWash also uses less power. In other words, it is energy-efficient. It also saves time. It washes within the shortest time possible given that it handles two loads at once.

LG Electronics is one of the technological global giant is committed to creating a consumer-centric smart home ecosystem with the ultimate aim of allowing homeowners to control all their appliances and devices from one spot.

A combination of long-lasting, premium appliances and the unrivalled intelligence of LG ThinQ will position LG as a trendsetter in this fiercely competitive market.

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