LG’s contribution to future smart homes in Kenya

In light of the Big 4 agenda by the national government, real estate development is foreseeing boom as affordable housing kicks in. Middle income owners are looking to invest in descent homes and this is where consumer tech consumers can get a buy in.

Internet connection at home with providers such as Safaricom and Wananchi Group will definitely contribute further to the adoption of a smart home ecosystems.

Leading electronics company, LG, has been spearheading with its deep learning technology that integrates everyday household products to create smart home suites. Appliances are enabled with the ability to learn a user’s habits and tastes over time, for better integration and peace-of-mind.

What your  Smart Home should comprise of

The InstaView Fridge is a complete lifestyle aid. When unsure of what to cook, you can just select an item from the refrigerator and choose a recipe using its touch-screen interface. It goes further to help you compile shopping lists based on what you lack.

The TWINWash washing machines on the other hand will not only provide you with the ability to clean loads at greater speed but also using two cycles simultaneously. This can eased further the ThinQ™ mobile app, where you can operate your machine from the anywhere.

LG’s smart air conditioner is able to analyze the daily behavior patterns of its homeowners, including the parts of the home most occupied at certain times throughout the day. With this information, the deep learning enabled air conditioner is able to assess how to provide the most comfortable temperatures quickly and efficiently, providing fast cooling to specific areas.

Powered by the company’s second-generation Alpha 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor, LG’s latest NanoCell, UHD and OLED offer higher levels of AI picture and sound experience quality. The TVs offer enhanced picture and sound by analyzing source content as well as optimized content by recognizing ambient conditions.

 “Ensuring a smart home experience that actually makes our customers’ lives measurably more convenient is what drives us to innovate,” said says LG East Africa Assistant Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications Maureen Kemunto. “With the voice capable mobile app, we have created the ultimate smart home ecosystem that puts convenience first.”

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