Get your dream phone and pay for it later

Mobile phones have given us the gift of instant communication via calls, texts and now smartphones give us access to information via the internet. Smartphones come in sleek designs with various capabilities from great audio, extended battery power and high definition cameras to take great pictures and video. With the endless possibilities with smartphones comes the desire for that coveted phone. You have seen someone with it, you have seen adverts of it; and now want to own it.

They might sometimes be too expensive to buy upfront and many have to plan and save up to purchase your dream smartphone. The beauty of Kenya today is that there is an option to pay in 12 months via a platform called Lipa Later while enjoying your dream phone! HMD Global recently launched two phones with great cameras that have ZEISS Optics; the Nokia 6.2 and the Nokia 7.2. They both fall in the category of smartphones that come with advanced AI.

The Nokia 7.2 comes with a 48MP main camera and a 20MP selfie camera. The memories you can capture with this is super! The price is from KES 36000 which may be steep to pay up front. However, Lipa Later comes to the rescue to get that Nokia phone you yearn for.

Lipa Later is a form of payment that allows you to have that device you’ve always dreamt of by providing you ample and flexible time to pay for it while you use it. HMD Global, has a range of Nokia Smartphones available on Lipa Later site and partner stores including the Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2, Nokia4.2 and as well as the Nokia 2.2 will the latest advances in and AndroidTM  at an accessible price of Ksh10,200.

Why Lipa Later? In three minutes you get a quick and easy application. You will know how much you qualify for in just a few hours. You get fast approval upon submission of requirements. The platform allows you up to 12 months of the repayment period and low interest where you get flexible and affordable rates from as low as 4%.

HMD Global says Nokia phones just keep getting better so why not get on Lipa later and purchase your Nokia device of choice today. Make your life more vibrant and capture those memories with Nokia Smartphones.

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