OLA Energy launches new fuel formulation

Oil marketer OLA Energy (formerly OiLibya) has launched a new fuel formulation as part of its growth and rebrand strategy. The new fuel is now available in Nairobi, Mt. Kenya and Mombasa fuel stations. It will be available across the entire network by end of November 2019.

The move is part of OLA Energy management strategy to give additional value to customers that positively impact their spending on fuel while at the same time lowering polluting emissions into the environment.

O’ptimium is made through addition of performance additives that help clean car engines hence controlling deposit build up in critical points of the engine including inlet valves/injectors.

“Through this innovation, motorists will have a better experience on roads through increased fuel economy, reduced corrosion, prevent filter blockage, better car acceleration, reduced emissions and greater engine durability” says General Manager OLA Energy, Mrs. Millicent Onyonyi.

O’ptimium fuels has been developed using cutting edge additives and technologies that are tested in accredited laboratories in accordance with international standards” , added Mrs. Onyonyi.

“This move underscores our commitment to be one of the key downstream players in this market by providing high quality products and services that in turn will ensure significant benefits to all our customers,” concluded Mrs. Onyonyi.

O’ptimium fuels for both Petrol and Diesel engines is available to our customers at no additional cost. O’ptimium is adaptable to all vehicles irrespective of their age and model.

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