Insurance agents awarded in annual fete

Kenindia Assurance has awarded its top performing insurance agents and brokers for the year 2018 in recognition of their contribution to the growth of the Company, at an event presided over by Insurance Regulatory Authority Chief Executive officer Godfrey Kiptum.

Speaking at the award event, Kenindia Assurance Managing Director B.S. Sharma said the agents still play a critical role in the growth of the Company and the insurance industry in general.

“Throughout this journey agents have been an integral part of our growth, for which we are grateful. We look forward to their continued support in the years ahead,” he said.

Mr. Sharma said despite the efforts to automate the industry and to adopt direct sales strategy, insurance agents were still important in the growth of the insurance sector, adding that, “Kenindia Assurance is keen on building even a stronger partnership with agents as we seek to expand the size of the industry pie.”

“We constantly offer training and refresher courses for our agents and brokers across all our branches to enable them deliver high-quality services to customers,” Mr. Sharma said.

Mr. Kiptum implored brokers and agents to embrace technology as the insurance business is already being driven by data analytics as a result of ensuing technological and innovations.

“We are aware of the disruption the industry is facing in regards to technology. As a regulator, we sit in a unique position where we can monitor and evaluate firsthand what insurance agents and brokers go through to remain relevant in the market. As a result of this we have so far trained over five thousand agents around the country to help them reinvent themselves to meet the daily demands of the industry.”

Dailect Insurance Agency made the highest contribution, followed by Richland’s Insurance Brokers, Aum Insurance Brokers, Universal Insurance Brokers, and Stephen Muhanji Liyai, respectively. 

Effectively, Samson Muthee of Dailect Insurance Agency won a trip to Paris; Durgesh Shah of Richland’s Insurance Brokers and Ajesh Agravet of Aum Insurance Brokers won a trip each to Bangkok; as Nipul Sachdev of Universal Insurance Brokers and Stephen Muhanji Liyai winning a trip each to Abu Dhabi.

“On behalf of the Company, I would like to appreciate every winner today for the value that they provide to the overall growth of Kenindia and their commitment towards the customers they serve,” Mr. Sharma concluded.  

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