LG launches Round Cassette to complete interior design and performance

As a leader in the HVAC industry, LG Electronics (LG) launches Round Cassette to prove its merits in spaces particularly with exposed or high ceilings. Café, restaurants, high-end department stores, and hotels with trendy interiors are candidates.

According to an analysis of the most frequently used design terms in 2018 by Airbnb Plus hosts, a higher-end tier of Airbnb, ‘high-ceilings’ is the most popular interiors design. As ceiling display of a place plays a crucial role in interior design, business owners pay great attention when choosing a cassette. A Ceiling Mounted Cassette is part of interior decoration, considering the unity and the beauty of space. The new LG Round Cassette, the winner of this year’s Red Dot Design Award, fulfills the needs and becomes the finishing touch to complete interior design.

By reducing height of the product, LG Round Cassette maximizes openness when installing it. Its height is 330cm, 15% less than conventional models. Furthermore, a drain pipe and a refrigerant pipe are brought together in one place to minimize exposure. Hanger covers hide installations to add a clean look. The premium design is perfectly suitable for trendy and luxury places such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, and high-end furniture and clothing stores.

LG Round Cassette not only focuses on the design but also increases convenience for installers as well. As the drain pipe and the refrigerant pipe are brought together in one place, installation takes less time. Further, installers no longer tilt their heads back when installing the cassette because a control box enables the power wire from the side. With LG Round Cassette, all the complicated installation job is vanished.

It outclasses conventional models in both design and performance. Since the conventional round cassette has three outlets, it sends air flow in three ways and creates blind spots. However, by minimizing junctions, the new LG Round Cassette allows the air to fill up the space without any blind spot. Also, users can also send cool or heated air wherever he or she wants with crystal vane for six-step precision control. This is twice as sophisticated as conventional models’ three-stage wind direction control. As LG Chamber Test[1] proves, perfect circular wind and precise air flow control allow fast cooling 30% more than conventional models. With all these high-performance, the noise level is only 39dB(A) during the operation. It is lower than that of library (40dB(A)).

“The new LG Round Cassette will be the good news for both to installers and small business owners when choosing a ceiling mounted cassette,” said OOOO. “Installers can install a cassette with ease and small business owners have multiple options to choose. While providing simple installation and high-performance, it does not give up on design. LG Round Cassette, which fulfills customers’ needs on performance and design, is beyond comparison.”

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