Safal Group donates Ksh. 3,000,000 to Kenya Red Cross

Safal Group – Africa’s largest producer of steel roofing and provider of building solutions has today donated Kshs. 3,000,000 to Kenya Red Cross in support of its on-going interventions which include rescue, evacuation and relocation, provision of food and non-food items, supply of water treatment and health services to persons affected by the flooding. More specifically the Safal Group donation will go towards rehabilitation of water facilities destroyed by the floods, in a bid to ease access to clean water by the affected families.

During the donation Safal Group Chief Executive Officer Anders Lindgren said that; “One of our core values is caring for our communities and we are deeply concerned by what we are witnessing with current the rains. It is our hope that this donation will ease the access to clean water for the affected families,” added Mr. Lindgren.

The ongoing short rains have affected 37,000 households (over 200,000 people) in 32 counties including 9,000 households who have been displaced from their homes and are either living in temporary shelter or have moved in with relatives. Other effects of floods include destruction of livelihoods including livestock and farms.

The Kenya Red Cross Society has documented that over 26,000 livestock have been killed and 5,000 acres of farms under crop washed away. Additionally, vital infrastructure including water supply systems have been washed away cutting off supply of fresh water to affected communities.

The Kenya Red Cross Society’s response includes supporting rescue, evacuation and relocation of persons affected by the flooding, provision of food and non-food items to families, supply of water treatment and health services. These interventions will continue until after the rains have ended.

“This support from Safal Group goes a long way in supporting our efforts to ensure that flood victims get clean water. There is a real risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases due to potential contamination of water supply systems. We thank the Sahal Group for this support.” Kenya Red Cross Society Incoming Secretary General Dr. Asha Mohammed.

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