Christmas Binge Watching gets smarter with AI TV sets

Internet connectivity in the country is currently at 89.4% according to CAK, with many TV viewers opting to stream their favorite shows as a way of having the full entertainment experience.

Online distributors such as Netflix, Showmax, ViuSasa and IFlix have managed to contribute to the increasing local desire for On-Demand content. This is due to the evolution of television technology from simple black and white TVs, to Smart TVs whose contribution goes beyond realizing human desire with the introduction of AI enabled TVs.

Winter is the time of the year when people hibernate- most of the time is spent in inactive positions and the best companion is the TV, the Internet or both. As most of the activities will be indoors, online streaming through various smart devices is becoming common with how people choose to consume their favorite TV content. Streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon give access to their original content in high quality that is compatible with today’s technology.

According to research undertaken by Netflix, binge-watching is the current trend among viewers across diverse age groups, and it is up to the tech industry to adapt to consumers’ ever-changing needs.

For most people, a smart TV is the best option as it comes with the capability to access either a wired Ethernet connection or built-in Wi-Fi to connect to a home network for internet access. In addition, these smart TVs come with webOS that enhances the operating system of the set allowing multitasking.

For years, LG has been a top player in the TV world due to the company’s industry-leading technological innovations- a classic example being the OLED Smart TVs. In 2018, LG introduced the ThinQ artificial intelligence that supports voice control and image processing. Voice control integrates the smart TV with other LG smart home devices creating a smart ecosystem.

“Streaming on our new smart TVs brings the future closer than we ever realized. The ‘On-Demand’ products have been our salvation with how customers make their brand choice when it comes to TV purchases, says Maureen Kemunto, LG East Africa’s Assistant Marketing Manager.

With the addition of Google Home, TVs now have a larger place in the everyday life of consumers. The new era of technology has positioned TV to a near human position with Google Assistant which performs voice-activated functions and search, along with a variety of other functions for controlling apps and smart home devices. So how would you best describe a TV now? A smart, entertaining assistant.

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