Why LG Signature OLED 8K TV is a game changer

The entry of the LG 8K TVs in the market caused a big splash globally. As aptly described by the manufacturers, “immersive and innovative cannot begin to describe the LG OLED TV 8K. The TV features an expansive 88-inch OLED display with a stunning 8K resolution.”

Through LG OLED 8K TV, the world has the “best TV of tomorrow. By tomorrow already proving to be a game-changing technology, LG is giving customers an unmatched cinematic experience that is on a whole new level.

The truth is LG has not been idle at any given time, toiling away in secret on a dream TV of their own that is now shaping the world. LG OLED 8K is a clear statement of LG’s technological intent to not only give the world the best TV but also the largest coupled with the best clarity never seen before.

LG 8K has fully loaded all the features found on LG’s other 2019 OLED TVs including state-of-the-art processing, HDMI 2.1 connections, Dolby Atmos and the awesome webOS smart platform with a full house of AI assistants.

It includes an 8K upgrader box designed to keep this TV cutting edge for years to come – preserving your investment.

The LG 8K is a premium product with a gorgeous design that somehow manages to appear discreet and tasteful despite its 88-inch screen size.

The bezel-less design and ultra-thin OLED panel certainly help, but it’s the stand that provides a sense of airiness and space, and a sense of ownership to anyone who wants to have it. It is finished in silver brushed metal and permanently attached to the panel, which means there’s no wall mount option.

The hole in the middle isn’t just a design choice, it serves a practical purpose: the sound from the TV’s downward-firing speakers is redirected through the hole and towards the listener. There are also two subwoofers built into the bottom to boost the bass.

“with LG 8K OLED TV and 8K NanoCell TV that feature Cinema HDR, encompassing support for Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR by Technicolor up to 4K and HLG and HDR 10 up to 8K. LG’s first Ultra Short Throw (UST) 4K UHD CineBeam Laser projector produces amazingly sharp and large-scale images,” says LG East Africa Assistant Marketing Manage, Maureen Kemunto.

“LG guarantees memorable, cinematic viewing sessions .Thanks to our innovative wheel-less Laser and LED technology, the projector delivers excellent viewing experience with incredible color accuracy. The new tech helps each model to produce clearer, more distinct images than traditional Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors with color wheels, and practically eliminates distracting visual artifacts such as the rainbow effect, clouding and color distortion,” says LG East Africa Assistant Marketing Manager, Maureen Kemunto.

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