How technology has optimized the viewing experience

Just a few years ago, if you told someone that the viewing experience through the evolution of TV would be as it is today, they would have never believed you. The television industry has evolved, thanks to technology and it is just the beginning. With each passing day, television manufacturers are coming up with more advanced television sets that have revolutionized the home entertainment scene.

20 years ago most televisions were black and white. The shift from black and white to the color TV that has more clarity has been gradual with various innovations still in the pipe in pursuit of maximum quality. It is difficult to say that ultimate quality has been achieved because new inventions continue to emerge daily.

The changeover from analog to digital television technology was a slow process.  In Kenya especially, it was a struggle that even saw some TV stations closing down in protest.

Although the complete movement from analog to digital in Kenya seems to have arrived late, the process globally kicked off the mid-1990s when HDTV broadcasting started to take effect. The adoption of HDTV at that time was slow because most HDTVs were plasma and too expensive by majority’s standards.

However, in the mid-2000s manufacturers focused on affordable 40-inch LCD that the masses could comfortably purchase. As the years melted on, LCD HDTVs became more embraced by customers around the world, outselling the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs and plasma TVs. This is what the stage for the more advanced models.

Today, most televisions are increasingly becoming curved in terms of the screen, have high dynamic range (HDR), are smarter with more enhanced and are integrated artificial intelligence. Global electronics giant LG has been significant in the evolution of the industry. The introduction of the OLED TV revolutionized the viewing experience and brought the future closer.

“We remain committed to making life good for our customers through our superior technological innovations. As pioneers in the industry we have a huge responsibility in ensuring that the quality which has already been achieved is not watered down, but instead is sustained and made better. This is why we are especially proud of our success with the OLED TV”, says Maureen Kemunto, LG East Africa Assistant Marketing Manager.

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