Using Artificial Intelligence To Better Your Minimalist Lifestyle

Over the past fews, various industries have struggled to simplify the meaning of Artificial intelligence. In simple terms, Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn. It is also a field of study which tries to make computers “smart”. As machines become increasingly capable, mental faculties once thought to require intelligence are removed from the definition.

Artificial Intelligence is not about “replacing human” or “taking away jobs” from the human. It is about complementing human life and making the life of humans more comfortable than it is. Artificial Intelligence is always intertwined in our daily lives; the ability of you to interact with your TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner through voice commands among others are examples of how AI is making life easier.

As people across the world continue to embrace the idea of a minimalist lifestyle, Artificial Intelligence has a huge role to play. For instance, with increased concerns on climate change, there is a need that people move towards the use of clean energy, minimize energy wastages by the use of electronics that consume less energy among others.

Around the world, currently, people are living a more conscious lifestyle by paying more attention to energy usage and waste management. Sustainable living is defined as a lifestyle that “aims to reduce one’s environmental impact, in ways that are sustainable both for the Earth and for the person.” This implies that people are actually striving to make sure that the things they interact with are not only good to them but also to the surroundings; the earth.

You have heard of electric cars. The idea is already spreading around the world and people are increasingly embracing it. Car manufacturers have realized that people are increasingly moving towards the use of electric cars as compared to those that use diesel/petrol. Electric cars are friendlier to the environment as compared to gasoline. Global electronic giant, LG Electronics announced in 2019 that it was committed to achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2030.

Among the companies that have strived to use AI to simplify the lives of their customers is LG Electronics through AI-powered Proactive Customer Care for its leading appliances alerts users to energy usage and water consumption and provides thoughtful advice for improving efficiency and saving money. According to LG, efficiency is at the heart of their Centum System with an advanced Inverter Linear Compressor that significantly boosts reliability and durability.

LG’s new and unique indoor gardening appliance takes sustainability to another level by enabling customers to grow their own herbs and greens even without a backyard. Technology provides lighting, temperature and water control while convenient seed packages and a growth-monitoring app help users cultivate greens inside their homes.

This new decade will be defined by a minimalist lifestyle and this cannot be achieved without the incorporation of artificial intelligence. Minimalist lifestyle, as already mentioned, is not about living a “simple” life or a “change in lifestyle from grace to grass,” but about living a more free and convenient life by capitalizing on technology and utilizing as little space as possible.

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