The Perfect Gift for Easter

The Easter period is always a time for friends and family to gather with a lot of fanfare. However, 2020 is definitely going to be different. Gatherings and celebrations have been limited by lockdown rules and therefore family barbecues and big meals that involve more than one household are off the table. This means people will be spending less than they normally would during this festive period. But this doesn’t mean people can’t, or do not want to, exchange gifts and still keep the social distance.

Gifting this year requires thinking outside the (gift) box. The perfect gift to give to your family would be one that lessens the anxiety during this period, while also creating memories as is expected of festive celebrations. The whole world is literally going back to the basics and so should you. So how about creating memorable movie nights with the whole family bonding together over feel good movies?

Thanks to technological innovations, it is now even easier to recreate a cinematic experience within your own house through the era of smart TVs. Smart TVs introduce you and your loved ones to a world of new entertainment options, from streaming not only the very best award winning movies and TV shows on Apple TV+, Netflix or Showmax but doing so in the highest audiovisual quality. This is especially important because it eliminates risk of human interaction at the local neighborhood movie shop, with the added benefit of not avoiding the hassle of downloading low quality content from pirate sites.

There are factors to consider when bringing the perfect cinema experience to your living room, from purchasing the right television to room lighting and even the position of your screen and sound system.

Much like your favorite cinema, it’s important to have proper lighting as it helps set the mood and create the right ambiance.

 It’s highly recommended to avoid getting the biggest screen possible and instead evaluate the size of the living room and its seating arrangement. This is quite crucial as it will help you to understand what screen resolution you require and also how big the screen needs to be.

However, choosing the right television is the most crucial part of the plan. That is why LG’s NanoCell TV comes highly recommended for your own home cinema. It delivers a total immersive experience thanks to 4K picture quality with impressive color, contrast and detail. It also has the added benefit of giving your room an instant makeover. With a sleek, slim all-screen look, a ‘barely there’ Nano bezel and chic design, it oozes elegance improving the aesthetics of your space.

The incredible, rich colours are the most obvious benefits of a NanoCell television. With NanoCell filtering, colours don’t appear faded, and images always appear lively and sharp. LG’s NanoCell technology also ensures that colours are vivid, whatever angle you’re viewing from. On many conventional sets, colour becomes distorted when viewed from the side. On NanoCell, the colour is perfect regardless of your sitting position. The set delivers the same viewing experience whether you’re directly in front or at a 60-degree viewing angle, so the whole family can enjoy the incredible pictures on screen.

NanoCell TVs also happen to offer broad HDR format support, allowing for playback of both Dolby Vision and HDR10 in movies. You get to enjoy Netflix Originals like Ozark and Money Heist all in 4K quality.

If you do not own a home theatre system, no need to fret. Nanocell TVs deliver incredible sound, with inbuilt Dolby Atmos technology offering incredible 3D surround sound without the need for additional speakers. However,  those movie buffs who rely on sound immersion can also gift themselves LG’s CES award winning Soundbar that delivers rich, true-to-life sound that captivates with accuracy and depth to home cinema it provides. It is Easter afterall.

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