Laundry is part of the Keep Safe Challenge

The whole world seems to be on lockdown. The outbreak and fast-spread of the ongoing deadly pandemic has greatly changed how the world operates on a day-to-day basis with the majority of the normal activities either suspended or realigned to fit the current situation.

In Kenya, the government through the Ministry of Health, has been calling on Kenyans to work from their homes, maintain social distance, avoid crowded places and, above all, maintain a high level of hygiene by thoroughly washing their hands using water and soap as many times as possible.

As the government continues to urge people to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizers, nobody seems to be talking about laundry. During this time of the global pandemic, your clothes play a huge role in keeping you safe and for them being clean is a subject beyond question.

Medical practitioners have proved that the virus is able to survive both in air and on surfaces for hours and days. Some of the surfaces that this virus can remain for some time are the clothes that one wears and that is why it is prudent to realize that doing laundry from time to time is part of the challenge during this time.

With everyone striving to maintain social distance and reduce contact with people, the traditional way of doing laundry that involves calling a Mama Fua does not cut it. Doing laundry has become an essential aspect of keeping the family healthy and safe.  However, it does not need to take up time that could be used bonding with the family. In just 39 minutes, TurboWash 360˚ thoroughly deep cleanses laundry with 4 directions of 3D multi nozzles which accelerate the dissolution of laundry detergent. Conventional washing machines only have one single water nozzles which make it difficult to evenly wash every piece of clothing, and the laundry detergent left in the clothes has great chances of causing allergic reactions.

However, the winning feature on Vivace is the efficient sterilizing Steam+ feature that offers comprehensive protection for family health. Allergen hidden in clothing such as dust mites and bacteria threaten the health of many families and could cause nasal or serious respiratory problems. The Steam+ function in the Vivace series can effectively remove mites and allergens from laundry, with a certified sterilization rate of 99.99%. Whether it’s baby clothes or underwear, you can always wear them with peace of mind. Vivace’s steam is also powerful in removing odors whether from eating out or sweating, utilizing high temperatures to restore laundry with fresh smell. In addition, the gentle penetration of Steam+ helps maintains the fabric fiber, thus reducing wrinkles and making the fabric smoother and easier to care.

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