2020 Set To Be Characterized With Living More In Less With LG

According to Worldmeter, towards the end of the year 2019, the world had around 7.8 billion people. The world population is expected to double within the next 30 years according to experts.

Africa has about 1.3 billion people. It is estimated that in the next 30 years, the African continent will give birth to another Africa, meaning the population will double.

As the population in Africa and around the world continues to rise, scramble for space to live also increases. The increase in population and the scramble for housing has led to a major housing deficit in major urban centers around the world, especially Africa.

In Nairobi, for instance, residents are facing a deficit of 50,000 housing units annually. Although the government seems to be trying to solve this through the affordable housing program, there is still a long way to go.

There is need, however, for people, especially the young generation to drop the mentality of “living bigger” because the idea of “bigger is better” holds no water in the current world. There is a need for the adoption of minimalist living where like-minded individuals commit to downsizing many aspects of their daily lives.

Downsizing does not mean one drops the normal lifestyle they are used to. One can still have an efficient and decent lifestyle in a well-designed smaller home. Sometimes we think we are “living big” with so many things in our living rooms, when in the real sense, with good arrangement, the things are as “big” as we thought they are.

The idea of downsizing is bringing to the fourth the dream of “tiny house movement” According to the giant global electronic company, LG Electronics, the idea of “tiny house movement” is gaining “real momentum as TV shows like Tiny House Nation, Tiny House, Big Living and Netflix phenomenon Tidying Up with Marie Kondo captivate larger audiences across the globe. Kondo is also behind the best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which posits that more possessions can mean more challenges.” 

LG Electronics says having fewer things in a smaller environment can be surprisingly calming, more so when matched with a minimalist lifestyle. “This lifestyle can be quite liberating as well but shouldn’t be confused with simplistic living.” By downsizing your living space, it does not mean that you are on the way of moving from grace to grass, no. One can still maintain a normal lifestyle but in minimal space.

It All Lies In The Design

Living large in a small space all lies in the design. While designing your space, it is advisable not to overcomplicate things. It is encouraged to maintain simplicity but bringing out a striking design that will still paint you as a person for “finer things.” Many tech companies are increasingly coming up with equipment that are tailored towards enabling consumers to adopt the idea of “living more in less.”

A look at LG’s premium Signature brand brings out a remarkably minimalist style that exudes elegance adds a feel to modern homes. The idea of “tiny home movement” is all about blending technology with the way of living to save on space.

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