Why you should invest in an LG dishwasher

As the pandemic cases continue to increase worldwide, it’s about time we understood how cleaning can help prevent the spread of disease and curb the risk of infection in our homes.

Maintaining good family hygiene especially during this difficult period goes a long way toward improving one’s well-being. Home appliances continuously play a significant role in this regard because not only do they handle many unclean dishes at once, but also free up time that can then be used to spend catching up with your favorite TV show or family game time.

LG has a history of home appliance innovation, with years invested in developing technologies to ensure dishes are cleaner while at the same time relying less on chemical detergents. One of these innovations is something that all of us can create easily at home with nothing more than water and heat.

LG’s dishwashers operate on powerful and natural steam to remove bacteria and germs requiring less detergents that pollute our wastewater systems. High-temperature TrueSteam™ is created by boiling water directly in the LG dishwasher. TrueSteam is hot enough to penetrate dirt, grime and grease to remove stains you can see and germs you can’t.

TrueSteam eradicates bacteria including those associated with food poisoning while making light work of crusted food residue and stubborn stains, achieving a minimum 99.999 percent when operated on the sanitizing cycle.

“LG has gone to great lengths to develop dishwashers that give households peace of mind especially during this pandemic period,” said Maureen Kemunto, Assistant Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager. “Kenyans can now feel confident entrusting LG with their finest tableware. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, which is why LG is the leading home appliance brand worldwide.”

In addition LG’s dishwashers are also equipped with ThinQ TM enabling customized operational features such as Smart Care+ and Smart Pairing through which users can control their appliances remotely.

“LG ThinQ is set to deliver a more convenient smart home experience without the steep learning curve that advanced products often demand,” added Maureen Kemunto. “LG has always been about putting the user first, not the technology, and the evolution of our smart home ecosystem clearly demonstrates this commitment.”

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