Tullow Kenya complete Early Oil Pilot Scheme contract

Tullow Kenya, together with its Joint Venture Partners, Total and Africa Oil, confirms that the Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS) contract expires on 2 June 2020, after running for a two-year period.

EOPS has served its purpose as a pilot project by providing critical technical data, logistical and operational experience and training that will materially assist the National and County Governments and the Joint Venture Partners on the journey towards Full Field Development (FFD).

Furthermore, the pilot scheme has allowed Kenya’s oil to be marketed and established on world markets. EOPS has given local entrepreneurs an opportunity to participate in crude oil transportation with key focus on industry-safe practices. In addition, critical local infrastructure, including local roads and the Kainuk bridge, have been significantly
improved as part of EOPS.

Mark MacFarlane, COO of Tullow Oil plc, commented today:
“The Early Oil Pilot Scheme has provided important lessons for the planning and execution of the Full Field Development phase of Project Oil Kenya. By producing, transporting, storing and exporting crude oil from Northern Kenya, the pilot scheme has provided proof of concept for oil production in Kenya. The first export of crude oil from
East Africa in 2019 was a historic achievement and clearly demonstrated the potential of Project Oil Kenya on world

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