How to celebrate Father’s Day the LG way

Father’s Day is here with us. Now, we may not give them what they deserve for whatever they might have done in our lives but the little we offer them on that day speaks volumes. This pandemic has changed how people relate. Although we are spending a lot more time with our families, we no longer venture outside as freely as we used to. This period has called for a lot of adaptability as far as lifestyle is concerned. We have had to rethink celebrations and gifting ideas as far as holidays and special occasions are concerned; Father’s Day is no different.

In any given family setting, demands on time can be pretty overwhelming. With everyone’s busy schedules, getting everyone together at the same time is quite an uphill task.  For parents, it is difficult to carve out enough time to actually spend quality moments with the kids.  In the event that everyone happens to be home at the same time, chances are, everyone will be buried deep in a gadget left to their own devices.  Granted, technology occupies every facet of our lives today, but it doesn’t have to be all detrimental to the family ties. We must continuously find creative ways of making technology work for us.

One brilliant way of using technology to celebrate this special day is through family movie nights. There is something special about the whole family sitting down together to see a story come to life on the screen. Movie nights are great in the sense that they are budget friendly – watching a movie at home means that you do not spend a lot of money on tickets or snacks. Plus, you are not limited in your choices of films.  To make the moment even more magical, the family can team together to create an all-time favorite movies list of their dad, as well as favorite snacks and to top it off, serve his favorite meal that he will enjoy while watching the movies

It is therefore important that the right mood is set for Father’s Day movie night. Poor quality visual and audio systems water down what could otherwise be a wholesome cinema experience in the comfort of your couch. Recent strides in television have resulted in their ability to render incredibly lifelike images, but even the most advanced screens have trouble achieving this resolution for all viewers. Similarly, the majority of premium home audio systems are unable to create immersive audio outside of key areas. These limitations make it difficult for more than two people to experience the full benefits of modern home theater technology.

One sure way of beating these limitations is investing in LG’s lineup of Nano Cell TVs.  Nanocell TVs add a spot of color to any family gathering.  Color comes so effortlessly in nanocell Tvs thanks to the nano cell technology that uses particles to absorb unwanted light wavelengths and enhance the purity of the red and green colors displayed on the screen.

And as with most gatherings, the more the merrier. These TVs boast wider viewing angles that allow more people to experience images at peak resolution ideal for the entire family.  Additionally, LG’s advanced sound bar and home audio systems also reproduce beautiful textured sound across large areas.  This enhances the whole movie experience, giving the illusion of being right in the middle of Wakanda fighting to be king, or under the ocean helping to find Nemo. Needless to say, father’s Day will not be a dull affair if done the LG way.

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