LG’s NanoCell Technology A Class On It’s Own; Meets 8K Standards

LG East Africa MD Mr. Sa Nyoung Kim

Korean giant electronics and home appliances maker, LG, has once again lived up to market expectations their flagship 8K TVs. Empowered by its 8K technology and the wide-viewing angles, LG promises to deliver a viewing experience which is clearer than reality.

With the LG NanoCell TV, one can enjoy breathtaking experience with more vibrant colours and details, through a ground breaking innovation, the NanoTechnology.

NanoCell TV is a leading edge of technology. It provides precise spectacular picture quality from wide viewing angle with the evolved NanoCell technology and a powerful processor that enriches your content.

It ensures optimal viewing experience with the ultimate sound quality and uninterrupted authentic ultra-slim Nano Bezel design. Movies, sports and gaming get a boost of realistic colour from Nano Accuracy and the full spectrum of Nano Colour.

High-level dimming control brings precise lighting across the backlight, presenting deeper blacks and enhanced contrast from edge to edge. Dolby integrates picture and sound technologies.

With plans in top gear to introduce HDMI 2.1 in its high-end TVs, LG is also partnering with other global companies to disrupt the market with hi-tech innovations. The company is partnering with Apple, Google, Alexa among others to further enrich customer experience making the LG AI technology the center of your connected home.

The intelligence of LG ThinQ® and the voice control of the Google Assistant and Alexa are built-in for entertainment and home control, a first in the tv making industry through partnerships with US internet giant, Google.

One of the major factors that influence TV preference in many homes today is picture quality.

The kind of innovation behind the nanotechnology is what that could give OLED TVs a run for the money.The last few years has seen the inclusion of curved screens, high dynamic range (HDR), smart TVs, OLED TVs, and 4K. Now with the hyperrealist detail and picture quality of 8K available to consumers, the next generation of TVs are upon us.

In the last two decades, LG has taken a lead in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, 8K technology; dived into gaming innovation, Nano Cell, OLED, projector and introduced some of the best TVs with high-quality resolution. It’s a range of TVs has covered all the new innovations in OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs, ULTRA HD 4K TVs, Full HD Smart TVs and Full HDTVs.

Both the LG Nano97 series and the LG Nano95 8K series will implement full array local dimming that divides backlighting into small sections for more precise control and to improve black levels and overall contrast.

The Nano 97 and Nano 95 series comes powered by an Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI Processor 8K which is similar to the one used in LG’s 2020 OLED TVs. The company says that it uses “deep learning technology” to provide an ideal 8K viewing experience. The company has also noted that these 8K models exceed the Consumer Technology Association’s requirements for 8K TVs, joining LG’s 2020 ZX series of 8K OLED TVs in being among the first models that actually qualify for the CTA 8K Ultra HD logo.

Many industry experts believe LG will be playing a major role in the future of TV evolution in areas of innovation, picture quality, AI and other groundbreaking features.

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