The Future of Cinematic viewing experience with LG’s NanoCell TV

With home being the safest destination for the foreseeable future, the option of a staycation is looking more and more the better option. Catching to your favorite movies and TV shows is the top priority for many staycationers. For the best staycation experience, you need the right TV that can bring every second of every scene to life.

The 8K revolution is already here as seen with the range of ultra-high resolution televisions in market. But why exactly should we be excited about 8K and what does this mean for the future of TV viewing experience? This means witnessing the clearest picture you’re ever likely to see.

8K being four times the resolution of Full HD and double that of 4K, measuring 7680×4320, means images are composed of a staggering 33 million pixels. You will be able to see details in TV shows and movies that no other television can offer giving you breathtaking picture quality.  

While it may take some time for current motion picture production to upgrade to 8K, any film shot in this resolution can be viewed in full glory through televisions such as the LG’s NanoCell TV. It features Real 8K, which allows each individual pixel to appear separate and distinct to the eyes. This Contrast Modulation of more than 90% results in exceptional colour, detail and contrast.

While it may take some time before we see an abundance of 8K content being made readily available, fortunately LG’s 8K TV line-up features built-in upscaling technology. This boosts the quality of 1080p and 4K sources, meaning your favorite blockbusters and TV series receive a serious upgrade.

Further, thanks to NanoCell’s full array dimming technology that allows view of intense details and excellent contrast for more vivid scenes across all your favorite content giving you a more clear view of details in dark scenes from shows like Game of Thrones(GOT episode The Long Night would be perfect to try this out).

The TV’s Dolby Atmos® feature will help you recreate Cinematic sounds, from whirring helicopters to crashes of thunder, flowing around you. This will definitely to save you money on those cinema trips especially if you combine this with LG‘s Soundbar for the best experience.

Finally, LG’s AI Picture feature guarantees you the best picture settings for every movie or show. This means the TV will detect what you’re watching and adjusts the picture brightness for optimal viewing day or night.

“NanoCell is here to keep you tuned to everything from standard broadcast TV to the latest 4K titles on Netflix. With support for various HDR formats and Dolby Atmos® sound built-in, LG NanoCell TVs is the future.” says SaNyoung Kim, MD LG East Africa.

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