How to enjoy unlimited entertainment options with LG’s NanoCell TV

For true film buffs, it’s always the love of the movie magic entailed slipping into comfy seats, reclining back in a darkened movie theatres and getting drawn into a new universe of sights and sounds that master filmmakers have created.

However with ongoing pandemic period, the safest place to enjoy your movie is your very own living room.  To bring the ultimate cinematic experience, you need the right TV to recreate this.

TV manufacturers and retailers are today making and selling more 4K and 8K TVs than the HD ones you may have at home. LG’s NanoCell TVs just landed in the Kenyan market and with it the perfect to keep yourself entertained during the stay at home period.

With the increased demand for Internet-ready right out of the box, LG customers are assured get to access content from VOD services such as Netflix, Hulu, Showmax, Apple TV+ and Disney+ in superb ultra HD quality.

What makes the LG NanoCell TV perfect for streaming content? For one, content quality is key. Streaming sites are now offering offers a wide range of 4K and HDR programming, which makes a huge difference in picture quality but if you watch those programs on a 4K or HDR-compatible TV. That’s why LG customers are in luck with LG NanoCell 4K and 8K TV models equipped for traditional HDR 10 content, but can also handle premium HDR content mastered by Dolby Vision. This guarantees users a richer, more vivid experience.

Hence, NanoCell TV remains one of the very best ways to watch everything from standard broadcast TV to the latest 4K content on streaming platforms ensuring that consumers are proofed for the future.

AI technology further exemplifies the LG’s NanoCell models ability to give better picture quality by detecting the type of content you are watching ensuring the perfect cinematic experience. The NanoCell TV thanks to the Deep Learning technology will continuously learn from the end user by automatically detecting the content genre and know how to display it while also understanding your living room space and grasps your location in the same room to ensure you get the optimized picture and balanced sound for every environment.

In addition, the NanoCell TVs are fitted with Dolby Atmos® Cinematic sound feature that enables dramatic sounds to flow around you from whirring helicopters to crashes of thunder. Unlike regular surround sound that operates on five to seven channels of sound in front, behind and beside you Dolby Atmos treats the user to the full 3D sound, including overhead, and has more precise control over individual sounds, which can be made louder or quieter, or more diffuse or focused.

Essentially, this means that with LG’s NanoCell TV you will be treated to the ultimate binge-watching experience no matter where you seat in your living room.

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