All you need to know about the HMD Connect Pro

HMD Global has announced its Connect Pro, a global roaming SIM solution for IoT and enterprise use. With HMD Connect Pro, businesses can obtain SIM cards in bulk, simplify their operations for their various roaming connectivity needs, and benefit from the centralised management console for the whole HMD Connect Pro SIM card fleet – secure connectivity and full and transparent costs across the world.

In a move that further diversifies the company’s services offering, HMD Connect Pro offers an easier way for businesses to keep their smartphones and other devices connected across the globe. It’s a holistic service for enterprises seeking secure and transparent global roaming coverage. The service offers centralised SIM management, giving cost control and fraud prevention, with securely routed real-time data usage information, live diagnostics and troubleshooting. Plus, it provides flexibility, transparent and competitive billing and a simple yet robust SIM management console at rates that match your usage needs regardless of how many countries your business operates in.

Janne Lehtosalo, VP Services, HMD Global: 

Security has always been at the heart of everything we do at HMD Global. Secure hardware, secure software, secure services to consumers and now – secure services for our enterprise clients. Our success in the enterprise space demonstrates the trust that businesses, large and small, have in our products. As we undergo a business transformation into a holistic mobile devices and services company, building further into service offerings, HMD Connect Pro was the natural next step in this journey. We’re providing a near-limitless global roaming experience for enterprise customers with security and ease of use for both IT professionals and end-users at the forefront.”

Flexible global connectivity

With over 600 networks in over 160 countries in scope, HMD Connect Pro offers global coverage for flexible pay-as-you-go roaming across the globe, steering clear of challenges that enterprises may face. The 4G/LTE support together with 2G and 3G where needed, will meet the connectivity needs for enterprise use or IoT deployment.

Furthermore, full transparency over costs and competitive pricing models provides the reassurance over expenses – pay for what you use; mould the platform to match your business needs however often they may change, and benefit from the flexibility.

Centralised SIM management – simple yet robust

Simple and convenient, the browser-based centralised management console gives IT professionals complete control over their HMD Connect Pro SIM fleet. It provides direct access to SIM-level control– active or suspended – and the freedom to manage everything regardless of where in the world they are located – one by one or grouped. Configure the console to set provisions to the best of your needs:

·       Set triggers and actions and get notified about what matters the most to you.

·       See live diagnostics for system overview and easy troubleshooting at any time.

·       Activate and suspend any SIM with just a simple click – no need for user engagement. The IMEI lock will ping you a notification if the SIM is placed in another device.

More Nokia phones in Android Enterprise Recommended programme

Andrej Sonkin, General Manager of Enterprise Business, HMD Global:

“We are very encouraged by the strong positive enterprise feedback to our industry-leading Nokia Android One, Android Enterprise Recommended device portfolio. With the launch of Nokia Dr Strange and Nokia 8.3 5G, our Android Enterprise Recommended portfolio will grow to a total of 20 models giving our clients more choice than ever before. Same as with the security expectations of Nokia phones from consumers around the world, our enterprise customers cannot take any risks with security or functionality. With the launch of HMD Connect Pro, we are able to further grow in this space and offer businesses a secure and dependable solution that they can rely on.”

Pricing and availability 

HMD Connect Pro will be available from HMD Global in October. More information related to HMD Connect Pro can be found from

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