LG Electronics offers a great online experience with built-in Wi-Fi in their TVs

The internet is the talk of the day as two-thirds of the globe’s population are internet users who at least spend a third of a day consuming online content. Kenya’s internet connectivity is rapidly increasing and Smart Digital TV ownership is convenient. LG offers an amazing online experience beyond expectations as they have built-in Wi-Fi in their TVs that enable online access to social media platforms such as Twitter and Skype. This avails global breaking news and catching up with family members in a way that wasn’t done before. Time and distance barriers are overcome as many utilize the possibilities granted them by the digital age and effectively communicate irrespective of their location. LG leverage the fact that the world has been reduced to a global village.

Moreover, users relish multi-varied entertainment options and alternatives that meet their diverse tastes and preferences. As a result, they have options for both online streaming and offline downloading of music in apps such as YouTube and Spotify, movies on Netflix. Family events and friends’ get-togethers involve less cumbersome journeys as favorite films and live music concerts are streamed at the comfort of a couch in one’s secure home. LG TVs offer a cinematic feel of both music and movie videos. Various sports can also be streamed live from various locations such that football fans, for example, enjoy watching live goals as clear as from the VVIP lounge in the stadiums. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 restrictions, no sports fanatic ranging from the London Marathon fan to the Serena William’s enthusiast feels left out. LG got their back since they simply need to grab some popcorn or healthy drink, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Surfing on search engines such as Google is currently as simple as a press of the remote control or as wild enough as browsing via voice command prompt using Google voice search.  Truly, LG’s wide range of OLED TVs, NanoCell™ TVs, 4K UHD TVs, full HD Smart TVs meets an increasing need for the internet in this 21st century. Educationists and students have thousands of free and affordable courses at their disposal. LG TVs offer a wide display to view lecture notes and learning material intensifying the learning process. Those who would like to combat boredom and idleness by improving productivity have a wide access to a variety of DIY projects that they could pick up and get the stone rolling. Moreover, learning a new skill such as playing a new instrument such as the piano or the guitar and technical skills like programming languages is possible through how-to-dos videos that can be watched with greater display clarity and precision on the NanoCell TV, for instance.    

Usability is another key aspect that the LG TVs boast. It is not a major hustle and bustle to manage TV shows and organize personal files or apps. Thus, they make them quite a suitable gift to aging parents, best of friends, close relatives or colleagues at work. They are simply not complex; just a few buttons and you are good to go. Since they could be a great tool in a home office especially in setting up video conferences, they also boost productivity by enabling office work to be done at home. It is thus convincing beyond a wick of doubt that these TVs are magical in improving one’s lifestyle and they come in handy in these desperate uncertain times that we are experiencing. It is worth considering that they are less costly to maintain.

LG Smart TVs make sustainability not only a concept to be admired but a reality to experience within the borders of your living room. Owning a smart TV may not be a big leap in the vision of transforming your home to be smart but it is sure that one step that leads to a journey of a thousand miles. LG TVs enable flexibility, promote efficiency, multitasking and leverage on technology to regulate energy consumption. Thus, owning one ascertains a thrilling online experience that re-imagines possibilities and propels one’s dreams into reality at low maintenance costs while giving clients value for their money.

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