Ace Your Online Learning with LG Gram 2-In-1

Working from home and e-learning is still the new norm since the COVID-19 outbreak. Students across the globe are getting the hang of it, thanks to a plethora of innovations that have made it possible.

With the current phase of virtual learning becoming better as days go by, it has become handy for students to continue their learning uninterrupted. Consequently, professionals with less time on their hands, who need to further their studies now have easy access to a flexible and cost-friendly way of studying thanks to the availability of powerful devices ideal for the virtual world.

LG, for instance, which is keen on being at the edge of trendy and premium technological advances has made learning in 2020 even better. As it endeavors to provide products that support online learning, LG provides the LG Gram, a beautiful range of sleek, lightweight, and powerful laptops ideal for students, teachers, and professors, as well as office workers.

The laptops, which first hit the market a few years ago have only gotten better. They are durable, highly portable, and quite attractive making them a great solution for students who might want to sit outside in the park during virtual classes.

LG Gram, which has been lauded for its innovative light and thin design comes with a large screen with a breathtaking resolution. The processor and the graphics offer an unparalleled experience. The 2020 update received plenty of memory, more than enough storage, and definitely a lot of power for productivity. That is not to mention the number of ports for multitasking!

Equipped with all the power and capabilities you need, LG Gram is powerful enough to handle some of the most demanding games for play during well-deserved lesson breaks. The most innovative model in the LG gram lineup is the 2-in-1.

The LG Gram 2-in-1 is exceptionally ideal for flexibility and convenience. With extra-long battery life, an active stylus, and a selection of a generous number of ports with the bonus of a USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter, you can get done with your classwork in no time!

The screen is sharp and vivid, the keyboard quite decent, and the overall design beautifully blended with a fancy texture.

The stylus support is what makes it ideal for schoolwork. It helps create a more natural note-taking experience with the use of an active pen. Need to quickly copy a formula or table from your teacher? The easy sketching with the LG Gram 2-in-1 is quick, dynamic, and suitable for art lessons.

It is not just students undertaking online classes that will benefit from this laptop. Those people who have more time on their hands for DIY projects can benefit equally from LG Gram. Better yet, since LG’s TVs can all go online, one can easily display video tutorials on everything from learning how to code to your next DIY project.

Similarly, with LG Velvet, you can run mobile applications that help you learn online. These apps have beautiful interfaces on especially when combined with the Dual Screen which permits learners to view a lesson on one screen while taking notes on the other.

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