The LG InstaView Preserves the View

Have you ever worried about fresh groceries going stale? Or your supplies not being as fresh? Or that drink not being as chilly as it should be because it’s ‘warm’? Are you worried about space? There are a lot of possibilities that refrigeration technology has brought us. Some of them are increased productivity, less perishability of goods, more freshness, higher capacity, fewer trips to the market, easier maintenance, increased usability, remote operation and thus improved lifestyle quality. LG offers millions of families a wide variety of refrigerators such as French Door, Side by Side, Door-in-Door, Top Freezer-2 Door, Bottom Freezer- 2 Door, Upright Freezer Single Door and the recent InstaView Door-in-Door. This diversity meets the broad spectrum of tastes, preferences and lifestyle choices and needs of the populace.

There are developments that the recent InstaView door-in-door refrigerator has achieved that are key in meeting our current problems and increasing customer satisfaction. It is a sleek design that is designed with a flat back that expands storage and has enough LED lighting that enhances its usability across all ages. Its sleekness makes it a perfect fit in the kitchen while maximizing capacity. It is fascinating to use the glass panel as it lightens up with two knocks enabling you to check your favorite contents without having to open the door and that minimizes cold air loss and aids foods to remain fresher for longer.

Ideally, the InstaView has both the refrigerator and the freezer. The freezer allows for multi air flow and has LED lighting. Special compartments make the InstaView refrigerator stand out. This includes the utility box, full wine rack, those who enjoy drinks such as wine are accounted for in the design of these refrigerators indebted to the full wine rack that stores up to 4 bottles and ensure that drinks are served while still chilly refreshing. The utility box is specially designed to hold small sized items such as cheese, butter and deli. Even more interesting is the fresh balancer suitable for fruits and vegetables that regulates humidity and keeps them in optimal condition. The fruit and vegetable compartment is covered by a Moist Balance Crisper that innovatively maintains optimum moisture necessary to lengthen the freshness of perishable goods that need utmost care.

The perishability of fruits and vegetables necessitates a reliable refrigerator that keeps them fresh for long. InstaView has air vents that help maintain the temperature that ascertains the preservation of the appearance and taste of fresh foodstuff. The fan filters facilitate the pure and fresh air purification system to circulate air in the fridge and eliminate the fridge odor. The storage system in the fridge brings convenience to your kitchen since you can self-fold shelves in order to store larger items and the ice system is not traditionally placed on the top compartment but rather mounted onto the fridge door leaving the entire top shelf and the door for an increased storage capacity. This extra storage ensures that there are fewer trips to groceries and supermarkets saving time and money that is meant for your family and for improving the quality of your lifestyle.

Maintenance of LG’s non-plumbed refrigerators is easier as they pride in self-sufficient plumbing systems and one does not require to replace water filter. Plumbed-in refrigerators, on the other hand, feature water dispensers and the convenience of chilled water just by a press of a button. Whether one picks a plumbed or a non-plumbed refrigerator is dependent on one’s taste, preference and measure of convenience. The InstaView has metallic decoration and does not vibrate noisily but it is quite peaceful and allows for quiet studies around the house or silent breaks necessary in a busy world.

The LG InstaView Door in Door has Wi-Fi internet connectivity and enhances remote adjustment of the fridge settings. Through the LG SmartThinQ app, android and iOS smartphones you can adjust temperature anywhere anytime so that the refrigerator can have room for more groceries and shopping. Diagnosis of minor issues in your refrigerator is now simply through a touch of a screen and this speaks volumes especially for the possibilities that are now made a reality with smart technology. This smart aspect of these refrigerators is a tool in propagating the establishment and the rise of transformation of conventional houses into smart houses. In terms of energy consumption, the inverter linear compressor potentially saves energy by 32% and affirms the durability and optimal temperature control to preserve foods longer.

The InstaView surely stands out among other refrigerators since it fosters productivity such that less time and money is spent on cooking, shopping and doing repairs. Rather, more food and perishables are contained making it quite a must-have home appliance if you are concerned about productivity and freshness.

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