More Laundry, More Fun

One of the basic needs of humanity is clothing. All and sundry put on a variety of clothes that afterward pile up into a laundry basket or a heap of dirty clothes. This can be stressful at times especially amidst the pressures of life such as job deadlines that demand our time and attention. LG transforms this hustle and bustle into a fun experience by offering quite innovative washing machines that are efficient, time-saving, allergy-free and eco-friendly. This means that people can multi-task and have dynamic schedules since machine washing unlike the laborious traditional washing by hand allows one to finish various job-related tasks, vacuum the house or even babysit at the same time.

LG washing machines are trustworthy and have a rich history of innovation since 1969 with various major developments including the top loader, front loader, turbo wash and the recent LG Twin wash that washes and spins two loads simultaneously. LG washers that are AI-Powered allocate optimal motions for the fabric based on the softness and weight of fabric exercising great care for fabric. Most of these co-workers have tempered glass doors as well as stainless lifters and knobs with a durable metallic finish and quite hygienic. These machines come in various designs, colors and functions that are tailored to your lifestyle and interior design preferences. This rich variety of washers offers a custom-desired experience and ensures that people save time and money.

The LG TwinWash is quite efficient owing to its higher drum capacity that ensures more laundry is cleaned within 49 minutes. While other machines require a lot of bending for the back and knees, it is also designed to optimize human well-being. Moreover, the LG TwinWash is easy to use and maintain. The top loader which is the main washer accommodates the heavier clothing like bedding, jeans and towels while the TwinWash Mini is effective in cleaning light towels, babywear and white clothing. This differentiation ensures that color-sensitive clothing is washed concurrently while not facing the risk of being discolored or stained.

The presence of allergens within the environment poses a health risk to many who are allergic to various things. While washing the clothes, LG Twin Wash employs steam technology that enables allergy care, steam refresh and steam softener. Indeed, it is more hygienic since it eradicates 99.9% of allergens including dust mites that lead to respiratory illnesses. This upgrades the quality of life and maintains one’s lifestyle at high standards. Moreover, this specific washer boasts of TurboWash that maximizes on wash performance and minimizes time usage. Proper care is given to all fabric when cleaning such that no clothing is damaged even when the wash drum rotates in various directions. It is quite fascinating that a powerful wash machine like this does not cause any noise pollution but works efficiently without much vibration. The motors consume less electrical energy and make it eco-friendlier.

People across the globe rely on sunny or windy weather to dry their clothes. It is arduous and frustrating when clothes are showered on in rain owed to the sudden change in weather. Not anymore with the LG all-in-one washer and dryer which dries clothes within a few minutes. This saves you money, space and time meant for your family and maintenance of your lifestyle. The EcoHybrid technology reduces water usage and lessens the drying cycle and energy needs. Washing is made more lively through the more visible display and one can watch as the real transformation happens.

 It is possible to attend to work or family emergencies while still washing and drying your clothes. The SmartThinQ technology connects your laundry machine with your android or apple smart phone and enhances remote washer operation and monitoring from your place and time of convenience. Furthermore, it is easier to troubleshoot any small issue with your machine before it develops into major technical or mechanical hitch using the Smart Diagnosis. Finally, these machines are equipped with a child lock which is a family safety measure that ensures security of the fragile toddlers and children. Truly, with the help of these co-workers and life-saving machines we can gladly come to the logical conclusion that Life is Good.

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