How to co-exist peacefully at home with your co-workers

A term that before March 2020 meant something different as we were all in the office. Post 25 March, our coworkers are aged as young as 1 year. With a home office set up and an active online work relation ecosystem, people around the world have been coming up with tactics to maintain sanity while upping their productivity level.

Personally, I used to love working from home. Well, a few days of the week and this 100% shift to working from home exclusively almost drove me insane. Working from home coupled with homeschooling my 10-year old coworker has been crazy. As someone who preferred the human interaction, moving my work life online proved to be a pain in the … mind.

However, I decided the below strategies to help me be as productive as I was in the office:

  1. Shower and dress up by 7:30 am: This simple act has helped my co-worker and I get into the school/work mindset and is a reminder that we are not on holiday. And it is with the same vigor that we ‘leave’ the office and school at 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm respectively.
  2. Set up a ‘home office’: I have designated my dining areas as the dedicated work/school area. A dedicated work area signaled to my coworker that it’s my worktime and has lessened the interruptions.
  3. Follow the timetable: To create a blend between homeschooling and work, I created a schedule around my co-worker’s school routine to reduce the likelihood of tantrums.
  4. Get the right equipment: Shifting to live online meant that I literally had to live my best life online. Due to my eye-issues, I purchased one of the LG UltraWide monitors whose connectivity enables me to operate multiple applications maximizing my creativity. I got my coworker the LG gram that whose usability amongst children has improved her creativity.
  5. Have some self-supervision activities: To enable me focus fully on work uninterrupted, my co-worker afternoons are filled with painting, completing jigsaws, listening to audible books and playing Candy Crush.
  6. Planned breaks with my coworker: My water point gossip sessions have now been substituted with baking, playing scrabble and replicating TikTok videos.
  7. Throw out the schedule: Once a week, I ‘close school’ and my coworker gets to more screen time so that I can maintain my sanity and because it never that serious. I just wish I could lay my hand on the LG CineBeam 4K projector to replicate the cinema experience which my family has greatly missed.

What tactics are working for you?

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