D&R TV Announces New Board Members Amidst Structural Change

Documentary & Reality TV on June 1st 2021, announced a new board of directors: Dr Sam Thenya, Caroline Ndungu, Ann Gitao and Stephen Gugu. This new directors will provide stronger roots and strategic direction for D&R TV in its mission to produce outstanding content that is not only technically superior but also rich in narrative and story structure.

“As our company grows, there’s been a need to formalize our operations more and more. We’ve opened up our management to be run by a board of directors to not only ensure advanced growth but also stability”, said Eugene Mbugua, CEO of  D&R TV. “Dr. Thenya is a renowned Entrepreneur and on top of being my mentor will also be chairing our board and holding our hand in this phase of growth. We’re excited to be expanding our range into other forms of entertainment starting with music and later other areas.”

Dr Sam Thenya is the CEO and founder of Nairobi Women’s Hospital. He is a Medical Doctor & Entrepreneur with many successful companies under his belt. Dr Sam is highly invested in building and guiding budding entrepreneurs into successful equities through building partnerships.

Caroline Ndungu is an established business professional with over 19 years’ experience cultivating and sustaining mutually beneficial business relationships. Caroline is an expert in business development and portfolio management; she is an influential communicator with a vast background in corporate marketing management. She is the former Marketing Director of Absa Group. 

Stephen Gugu runs Invhestia Africa, a company that trains on and develops financial models for startups, SMEs, Corporates, NGOs etc to aid them in removing gambles from key financial decisions.
He is also the head of Viktoria Solutions which links entrepreneurs with expertise through coaching, training and consulting; and Viktoria Ventures an East African angel network focused on scalable startups. Stephen volunteers in a number of organizations focused on spurring entrepreneurship in Africa. He is also a lecturer at Strathmore Business School where he runs the Private Equity and Venture Capital program.

Ann Gitao is the Head of Marketing at Vivo Energy. She holds +20 years’ experience in Marketing and Brand Strategy spanning the African Continent. Ann is skilled in mining consumer insights and building strong profitable brands. She has a strong track record in building Marketing capabilities at scale.

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