How I am Embracing the CROC effect this August

People say it’s an obsession, that you’re crazy, when slowly, but surely, Crocs infiltrates your life. We like to call it, ‘The Crocs Effect’. 

Once you’re in, there’s no way back. From the moment you slip on your first pair, you’ve made a life decision – you’re now a Crocs lover. It starts with one pair of Classic clogs to be worn at home, then next thing you know you’ve got Clogs, BAEs, Slides, platforms and two straps lined up at the door ready for every occasion. 

This is the year Crocs is hailing as Calling All Classics – an expansion of the Crocs line of Classics products and a declaration to invite one-of-a-kinds and all kinds to Come As You Are. Crocs iconic Classic Clog has long been the ultimate canvas for self-expression and Calling All Classics will introduce new silhouettes of the icon in trend-focused styles that give you the ability to express yourself in more ways than ever before! 

Calling All Classics is the story of inclusivity and Crocs is a brand that believes everyone should be comfortable in their own shoes. Crocs believes that comfort and style are in the eye of the beholder and that personal expression is an inalienable right.

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