LG New Ceiling Mounted Cassette is Worthy of Your Business Space

Nobody ever wants to work in a hot, humid, and uncomfortable environment or office – especially during the hot season.

The most affordable and subtle way of cooling your business space or office without breaking your bank is by using the most energy-efficient ceiling cassette air conditioner.

Ceiling cassettes are available in a plethora of options. This makes the task of choosing the right one an overwhelming feat. Luckily, LG Electronics has made it easy for you to find the one unit that meets your cooling and heating needs by offering ceiling-mounted single-split cassettes.

Ceiling mounted cassettes are a type of temperature control system mounted in the ceiling rather than on the floor or in the walls.

The rest of the components are hidden away behind the ceiling with the discharge grille releasing the conditioned air. The compressor, nonetheless, like in other single split systems, is installed outside the building.

The inconspicuous nature of the ceiling-mounted cassette makes it a perfect option for every type of room since it doesn’t take much space. They are also quite popular, which is why they are common in offices and other commercial spaces. Good examples are the series of ceiling-mounted cassettes provided by LG.

Why LG’s Ceiling Mounted Cassettes?

When you are looking at having a business space that is cool, ambient, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to your clients or customers, then you can’t go wrong with the LG Ceiling Mounted Cassette.

  • Air Purification Function

The new cassettes with an air purification function ensure that the problem of ultrafine dust that could cause allergies and other breathing problems is efficiently removed.

The air purification occurs in a 5-step process which begins with the pre-filter where common pollutants are trapped, then dust electrification, and afterward the fine dust is subjected to LG’s PM1.0 filter. Here, the fine dust is trapped as the air moves through the deodorization filter and finally gets ionized.

Another benefit of using LG’s new ceiling-mounted single split unit is that it can provide healthy air in a large space. It has a larger air purification area than the cooling area covering up to 147m². As such, it can create a clean and healthy environment in various vertical spaces, such as kindergartens, schools, and shopping malls.

  • Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

There are so many benefits to determining the air quality of the space occupied by people. For one, it is a sure way of determining and getting rid of various types of pollutants. This goes a long way in preventing asthma and or allergic triggers in some individuals.

As a solution, the LG ceiling-mounted cassette comes with a real-time air quality monitor with a wireless or wired remote controller, panel LED lamp, and smartphone.

The condition of the air is displayed in different colors on the LED display. Blue is good; Green, normal; Orange, bad; Red, really bad. On top of these notifications, you can use the remote control to check the dust concentration in numerical values.

The PM 1.0 sensor detects dust density of three sizes including fine dust, ultra-fine dust, and micro-fine dust. Similarly, you can check the indoor air condition on the cassette panel and the remote control.

  • Human Detection Technology

Through the Human Detection Sensor, a person’s location and presence are utilized for maximized energy efficiency and comfort. By sensing the human body, direct/indirect wind options are provided for users to choose a more pleasant operation mode to make the indoor environment more comfortable.

Moreover, energy can be further saved by automatically setting the target temperature based on the user’s presence.

  • Humidity Sensing Technology

The new LG ceiling-mounted cassette can also detect the various climatic conditions of the room and adjust the AC’s settings accordingly.

The humidity level of indoor space is comprehended to provide comfort cooling for various climate conditions. When the air is humid, cold air is discharged for quick latent heat elimination.

When the humidity is low, milder air is discharged to make the room less dry. With humidity sensing function, inconveniences such as dry eye symptoms and dry skin diseases can be resolved.

  • Wi-Fi Remote Control with ThinQ™

With the LG ThinQ™ app, users can simply control the air conditioner anytime from anywhere. Remote access to the air conditioner allows users the maximized comfort.

Other Features

The LG ceiling-mounted single split system is available in various options including the 1-way cassette, 2-way cassette, and 4-way cassette. With the Auto Elevation Grille, filtering cleaning is convenient thanks to the 4-point support structure, auto-leveling, auto-stop detection features, and memory located at the user’s level.

Better yet, the independent vane operation feature uses separate motors, making it possible to control all four vanes independently.

That and the fact that the unit is CAC certified for high-performance makes it a worthy consideration.

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