5 Modern Designer Bathrooms Ideas For Private Luxury

Modern bathroom designs are an underrated but integral part of your overall home décor. More and more people have expressed that they prefer a simple and minimalistic design for their bathroom. Bathrooms are domestic facilities that you would every day, hence designing with grandeur and panache doesn’t suit the cause by any measure. Your bathroom must be designed with your needs and preferences in mind. If done correctly, your bathroom can become a refreshing and relaxing escape route from the external world’s hustle and bustle.

Here are five modern designer bathrooms ideas for private luxury:

Mid-Century Modern Style

Industry observers and experts have termed the mid-19th century architecture and interior designing as the midcentury modern style. Careful studying will show that most architectural examples from this era feature geometric shapes and straight lines, and natural colors. It’s often considered fashionable and classy to go with the midcentury modern style for your bathroom designing. You can start with a focal point, a modern chair, a small sofa, in this instance, right at the corner. Then further complement that setting with midcentury setting and aesthetics. 

Minimalist Design

One of the essential elements that come to the fore when discussing modern design is simplicity and minimalism. Your best choice for modern bathroom designing must include an open bathroom with no clutter at all. It could feature build-in shelves and cabinetry to accommodate all your personal belongings, mainly your toiletries and novelty items. It must have ample clean spaces for relaxation. Additionally, it would be best if you steered clear of the urge to accessorize empty spaces as that would mean going against the modern design. 

Master Design

Extending the conversation forward, you can also consider a master design bathroom as an adequate private luxury representation. It won’t be wrong to mistake a master bathroom for a professional spa center. It’s crucial to mention that master bathroom designs are familiar with bungalows and penthouses because this kind of attachment requires big spaces. Such bathrooms are fully stocked with appliances and facilities such as a double sink, water closet, bathtub, and other high-end products.

Complete Setup Design

The next best alternative to a master bathroom design would be a complete setup design. Much like the name, this modern bathroom design is a total treat. They are primarily practical if you have a family, as only then you can use the available space justifiably. The full bathrooms often give people spa-like vibes. It’s safe to claim that if any bathroom facility is missing the like basin, water closet, shower, and bathtub, that facility cannot qualify as a full bathroom design. 

Three Quarter Design

Lastly, there is the three quarter bathroom design, which marginally differs from either modern or full bathroom set up designs. This one is smaller in structure than most designs on the list. The presence of bold colors and eye-pleasing aesthetics make it seem significant. 

Three-quarter bathrooms are almost identical in features to just mentioned alternatives and offer a superior relaxation.


It would be best to consider the space available inside a bathroom while going through the designs. This way, you get to pick the ideal bathroom design option for your house. For further information, you must reach designer bathroom renovations Port Macquarie.

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