All Crocs, All Month Long. Let’s Celebrate Croctober!

The Most Comfortable Shoes Deserve Their Own Month

Need an excuse to wear Crocs all day, every day? A reason to keep adding to your collection and stocking up on Jibbitz?

When the celebrations aren’t stopping, there’s no reason to stop Crocin’. Yes, we might just be so obsessed with Crocs that we’re dedicating a whole month to celebrate these versatile and stylish shoes.

So grab a pair (or three, or four, we’re not judging…) and Come As You Are!

Croctober is our favourite time of the year. It’s a month-long celebration of our Classic Clog and Sandal Silhouettes and a culmination of our 2021 campaign Calling All Classics.

Calling All Classics celebrates anyone and everyone, embodying our ongoing mission to create a space for everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes.

As a brand of the people, for the people, Crocs will celebrate Croctober throughout the month and alongside our community. We encourage all creatives, dreamers, rebels, fashionistas, and footwear fanatics to showcase their love of Crocs.

Tag us on Instagram @crocs.kenya. Whether you snap a photo of you and your friends wearing Crocs, or your best #CrocsAndSocks look, we want to see! So get Crocin’ and let’s make Croctober a month to remember.

P.S. If you insist on wearing Crocs for the whole of October, we won’t complain…

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