Pump Up The Volume With LG Xboom Portable Speaker

The festive season is here with us. Kenyans have already started preparing for it, not by words but through action. And there are no people who are more serious about this festive season than those from Western Kenya. They are leading the rest of the country by example. All buses heading to Western Kenya are already fully-booked throughout December.

Music and the festive season are the same. You cannot celebrate without music. Why? Because music uplifts and heals the soul. Remmy Ongala, AKA Sura Mbaya defines music as “everything”. He says in his song “Muziki Asili Yake Wapi” that music is a calling, happiness, sadness, and everything around us.

Talking of music, good music is all about the system it is being played through. There is no “bad music” but bad systems. If you listen to your music through a system that squeals instead of bringing out the organic feel of the music, you will live thinking that every piece of music is crap. 

A good system should fill every moment with sound, giving you the natural and organic feel of being part of whatever you will be listening to. This is where LG Xboom Portable Speaker comes in. Equipped with the Premium Meridian audio that combines with dual passive radiators for rich bass that you can feel, the Xboom is what you need to sync with your music.

A speaker should not take up much of your space in the living room. So, if you have a small room, you have nothing to worry for the Xboom allows you to enjoy the sleek, cylindrical body that fits well within a limited space.

Do you have kids who can splash some water on it by accident? Relax. The LG Xboom is water-resistant. This is an ideal speaker that will help you bring an epic sound wherever you go. Given its small, sleek body of the LG XBOOM Go packs a huge punch with 30 watts of power and stereophonic sound. What is more, with Meridian audio technology and dual passive radiators, you get one powerful speaker that couldn’t be easier to pack with you.

LG Xboom brings the party right into your living room. It automatically places to neighbors’ and friends’ radar and makes you a potential target of both admiration and envy. When it hits, all emotion melts and becomes intertwined in the magic vibration. Knowing that bass plays a huge role in amplifying the quality of music, LG teamed up with Meridian—the leader in high-resolution audio—for powerful bass and clear vocals with less distortion even at the highest volume.

Good music is that which comes with the sound that you can feel. This LG Xboom gives you a bigger bass without needing more power or additional speakers. At the same time, the dual passive radiators use air pressure to create more bass in a limited space, so you can enjoy the full range of sound in a slim, portable package.

There is so much to talk about LG Xboom Portable Speaker. But you better get it from the source itself than from me. Click on this link and get more information and more reasons as to why you must have this.

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