Optimize your lifestyle with LG smart home concept

With LG’s latest range of cutting-edge appliances, air solutions and home entertainment devices, you can create a smart home and live your dream life with your loved ones. Think of the mind-blowing technology you see in movies where lights go on and gadgets activate themselves when someone enters a room. You can now transform your living experience at home LG ThinQ AI technology. 

LG’s intuitive TVs, refrigerators and washing machines and dryers embedded with artificial intelligence now enable you to achieve more at home while saving energy and money. How? By creating an interactive setting where with devices are synchronized with your lifestyle and know exactly what to do when. 

Depending on the level of personalization you desire, you can choose from a variety of smart devices by LG designed to meet your home entertainment, kitchen and laundry needs. They simply put you in control of every aspect of your life. Research shows that many people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, a good chunk of it at home. 

Autonomous devices also help people manage their homes better. For example, it is estimated that one-third of food produced for human consumption goes to waste every year, a colossal 1.5 billion tonnes. Smart refrigerators help households cut down on food wastage. So, don’t be caught off-guard with your food stocks suddenly running out. The LG intelligent refrigerator alerts you when food is running low or when items are about to expire. 

As the heart of the kitchen, the LG smart refrigerators with ThinQ help keep your kitchen functioning smoothly. For instance, with Amazon Alexa built in, they can be controlled with voice commands. You can also adjust temperature thus ensuring optimal conditions at all times. 

By just downloading the LG ThinQ app, you can synchronize your fridge and smartphone to ensure real-time control. The SmartDiagnosis System troubleshoots problems even when you are not at home and escalates them to your phone. 

The World Health Organisation says that household pollution is a major contributor to illness and poor health. The air we breathe at home and other indoor spaces has many harmful particulates that may trigger respiratory problems. 

LG’s energy-efficient air conditioner addresses that problem. It works with LG purifier to achieve the prefect indoor temperature while delivering fresh, germ-free air to you and your family. The purifier filters out micro-particles and harmful gases and odors. The LG Puricare LG ThinQ helps you check pollution level and control the air purifier from anywhere. 

For your laundry, the LG washer-and-dryer combo improves performance and efficiency based on the type of fabric to deliver perfectly cleaned clothes. They are also designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. The SenseClean system automatically sets the water level and wash time for each load. It also runs high temperatures to get rid of stains and bacteria. Call it the ultimate sanitizing solution.   

You can always count on LGs latest innovative technology to achieve better, smarter, connected living

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