Penda Health Inks Deal with Phillips Foundation to Offer X-Ray and Ultrasound Services to Vulnerable Communities

Penda Health has announced a new partnership with Phillips Foundation aimed at offering X-ray and Ultrasound services to Penda’s over 250,000 patients every year.

The new service offering will be delivered at Penda Health Kimathi Street branch that serves as an in-network referral centre for Penda Patients who need more specialized services.

Speaking while announcing the new partnership, Penda Health COO, Mr. Karim Moldeina said, “Through this partnership, we aim to provide quality healthcare to the communities that fall within the low to mid income level in the socio-economic pyramid. Our intention is to work together with Philips Foundation towards more cooperation as we venture into the future in line with our goals”

Other specialist services offered in the branch include physician, gynecologist, and pediatrician consultations, dental services, advanced ultrasound, and advanced diagnostics and lab tests.

Commenting on the partnership, Phillips Foundation Director Margot Cooijmans said, “Penda Health is one of the fast growing, highly professional chains of outpatient healthcare centers and services in Kenya. We are impressed by Penda’s professionalism and the ambition to provide quality services at scale to populations in low and middle income categories. We believe that with this collaboration, which helps to overcome the obstacle to cover for investments in equipment up front, we can help enable Penda to fulfill its ambition to grow the number of hubs and spokes. We look forward to a long term partnership!””.

In addition to the X-Ray, Penda Health and Phillips Foundation will explore the use of handheld ultrasound (Lumify) technology in Kahawa West and Umoja 2 branches. This is aimed at improving the quality and reliability of ultrasound results, by using a cloud-based quality control system.

It is also expected to reduce the cost of providing individual ultrasounds by having the clinicians administer the ultrasound, with support from the cloud (instead of a dedicated ultrasound technician to be called to the centre to perform examinations).

Launched in 2012, Penda Health operates a chain of 19 high-quality and affordable medical centers across the country to date and is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year.

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