I have known him for 10 years and every day he surprises me with something new about himself. Waking up every morning and seeing his face puts a smile on mine.  He is funny, witty and extraordinary in every sense. There have been others before him, from when I was a little boy, but he, he takes the price. The adoration I have for him is unmatched.

We got him from a family friend three months after he was born. He was this cute fat puppy with the energy of a bouncy ball shot from a cannon and the rage of a caged tiger. He’d growl at anyone and everyone he came across, he still does but now it’s beginning to sound like an old man growl. He sounds like he is complaining about something and most times it’s when I am around him. He gives me the stink eye and I’m pretty sure on a number of occasions he has told me to get off my lazy ass. In my defense, I get tired after doing anything.  Getting off the couch, I’m tired. Going to the kitchen, I’m tired, okay this is the only time I am not tired. Opening my eyes, I’m tired and I need a nap. I know he loves me but just like me, the love is only shown when food is present….

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