Google, Kenya Scouts Association collaborate to encourage internet safety amongst the youth

According to McAfee Security, 87% of youth today have witnessed cyberbullying, while nearly 69% have experienced it.


Myriad studies over the recent past show that more than 70 per cent of Kenyans rely on public service vehicles, especially matatus, for transport. The graphic designers employ interior and exterior artwork highly influenced by pop culture, sport diverse arts featuring hip hop artists, international pop stars, athletes, […]

Lana Del Rey-Queen of Sadcore

If u hate Lana Del Rey,u r a suc ker ! If you love sad music,this is the bombshell to look for! Despite her not being mainstream nor recieving any Grammy(Eff u grammys),I adore the lady. Her albums:Born to Die,Honeymoon and the other one am forgetting…..damn u can […]